Steps: How to redeem free 1 year iflix via Unifi
How to redeem the 1 year free iflix on Unifi.

[Image: dxfgcgg.png]

Step 1: Connect your PC/Laptop/Smartphone to Unifi, via Lan cable or Wifi
Step 2: Visit on your PC/Laptop OR install the iflix mobile app on Android/iOS (download links below)
Step 3: Clicks the "OMG! Let's Play" red button
Step 4: Free 1 Year iflix. You can now watch unlimited movies, TV series on the device using any Internet service (Maxis/Celcom/Digi/U Mobile/Time). You can also follow the steps above and sign in to iflix on another 4 more devices using Unifi. These devices will be registered, no sign in required.

[Image: index.php?]

Download iflix for iOS-
Download iflix for Android:
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Hi there , I followed your steps exactly and got it working on my iPad. However , I want to watch it through my PC too but when I go to the website the Let's Play dialog does not appear.The website instead prompts me to create a trial account which I think is different from this promotion account.How do I solve this issue?

Try clearing your browser cookies and cache, restart you Unifi router and try again. Keep doing this a few times, also try a different browser.

Make sure the PC is connected to Unifi, also ensure your DNS setting on the PC is set to automatic (you can change back later if you are using custom DNS).

Keep in mind that iflix will only work on your 1st 5 devices, for each Unifi account. You can't reset this or use more than 5 devices. If you want additional device, you need to subscribe to iflix.

Hope these helps.
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how to set DNS to be auto?
Refer to this-
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Hi , I already have my DNS to auto but I still don't get the "Omg! Let's Play" thing when I go to
HI, yesterday TM personal changed my set top box as previous silver color box was not supported for iflix watch.

So, when i home, i go channel 900 and click iflix icon.

a message popped up with basic info. Then i click OK and iflix credentials came.

i put my username (email ID) and password and tried log in but every time it says - 'ops! wrong username or password'

but i used same id and pass in iPhone and can watch iflix (wifi from unifi)

what happened here?

ps- while logged on in iPhone, i clicked - Let's Do it!  and it asked my usrname and pass and i did and can watch.
I am a customer of unifi but cannot get service of iflix

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