FAQ on 2018 Prepaid Registration by MCMC
Why the need for registration?
Historically, back in 2006, the Malaysian Government has directed every Service Providers that provide prepaid mobile service to register its user in the country. The main reason for this directive at that time, was aimed at curbing misuses of the prepaid public cellular services and to address national security concerns including terrorism and crime behaviour.

Now, despite no changes to the main reasons of the directive by the Government, registration of SIM cards has provided the consumers with more value added services by the Service Providers such as Birthday treat, personal greetings and mobile money, which would not be possible without proper registration.

In fact, in the new edge of digital economy, mobile phone has become a significant importance in our daily life. Activities such as banking, shopping and traveling arrangements have shifted from traditional way to online transaction. Mobile has also become the key contributor to the financial inclusion agenda with Mobile Money services now available to 1.9 billion people in more than 90 countries.
Therefore, with the aim to empower the consumer in ensuring identification information provided during registration are valid and to ensure the integrity of data, MCMC has strengthened the Guidelines for Prepaid Registration on 1st June 2017, and will be fully enforced by 1st January 2018.

With proper registration, consumer experience using Mobile services with Service Providers will improve. Consumer will be able to choose and compare value-added / personalized services provided by their Service Providers.

However, all consumers are advice to be cautious in sharing personal information to avoid any unauthorized usage by a third party.

Who needs to register?
All users regardless of their nationality (Malaysian or Non-Malaysian) are required to register as long as they are subscribers of a Malaysian Prepaid Services.  This includes: -

 (a) Malaysian citizens/permanent residents; (b) Foreigners (workers or students); and © Tourists.

 Registration is compulsory for every single prepaid mobile number that a user has, with the respective service provider. 

What information do I need to provide for registration?
For registration purposes, you are required to provide the following information to be recorded by the Service Provider or its Dealers: -Malaysian citizens/permanent residents:
  1. Full name as per identification document; 
  2. Permanent address as per identification document; 
  3. Mailing address; 
  4. Identification number as per identification document; and  (v) Any other information as may be required by the Commission. 

Foreigners (workers or students):
[*]Full name as per passport; 
[*]Passport number; 
[*]Passport issuing country; 
[*]Company name and address as provided in work permit document or student identification document with university address (for students); 
[*]Mailing address; and 
[*]Any other information as may be required by the Commission. 

Foreigners who are visiting Malaysia and stay in Malaysia for less than three (3) months (tourists):
[*]Full name as per Passport; 
[*]Hotel or temporary residential address; 
[*]Passport number; 
[*]Passport issuing country; and 
[*]Any other information as may be required by the Commission. 
The three months shall be calculated from the SIM Card activation date.

For purposes of verifying the;
  1. Mailing address – you are required to provide original utility bill issued within the last one (1) month for services subscribed at current residential address (e.g: water, electricity, cable/satellite TV or broadband bill only).
  2. Hotel / Temporary Residential Address – proof of stay at the said address, including hotel reservation/booking form.
All information provided during the registration process will be treated with strict confidentiality.

If the information provided by you during the registration process is found to be false, the service provider will immediately terminate your Prepaid services.

Therefore, you must ensure your identification data provided are valid.

What are the documents required for Prepaid SIM card registration?
The Service Providers and their representatives would require verification against the original identification.

Please bring along the original documents for registration.

Can I register using a photocopy identification documents?
Registration and Verification against photocopy of identification documents are not allowed.

I have lost my NRIC (MyKAD). Can I register my Prepaid SIM card with my driving license?
No. As mandated by the authorities, only the original NRIC (MyKAD) or Passport are accepted as form of identification documents for Malaysians and Non-Malaysians.  

What is the minimum age to register for prepaid SIM card? 
A Service Provider or its representative is only allowed to register end-user that are above the age of 12 (with a valid Identification Card / MyKad).

Is there a limit to the number of prepaid SIM card a user can purchase?
Service Providers and their representatives shall not register more than 5 SIM cards per customer/user.

This requirement will not affect existing Individual customers who have registered for more than 5 SIM cards prior to the enforcement of these Guidelines.

Why am I allowed to register 5 Prepaid SIM cards only?
As a new mandatory requirement by the authorities effective from 1 June 2017, each customer can only register up to 5 Prepaid SIM cards per service providers

I have registered 10 Prepaid SIM cards before 1 June 2017. Can I retain all my SIM cards?
Yes, you may retain all of your existing registered Prepaid SIM cards registered before 1st June 2017. 

Will a user be liable if his or her particulars are fraudulently used for registration?
No. Upon finding out that his or her particulars have been fraudulently used for registration, it is advisable for him or her to lodge a police report to ensure that his or her particulars are being used for fraudulent activities.

How registration is done?
Registration must be done using secure automated platform such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) application, Biometrics or MyKad Reader.

Manual registrations using SMS by Dealers are no longer allowed.

Always avoid or decline any manual registration method to protect the security of your information during the registration process.

Please ensure the dealer only used platform provided by the Service Providers i.e. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) application, Biometrics or MyKad Reader, when performing the registration.

Do I have to pay any fees for registration?
The exercise is free of charge.

If outlets are not undertaking registration and asking for payment, a complaint should be submitted to either the relevant Service Providers or MCMC.

How do I check the number of Prepaid SIM cards that I have purchased / registered?
Service Providers shall provide a free of charge secure portal or applications to enable user to check and verify any SIM cards registered under their identifications.

Users are advised to contact their Service Providers on the availability of this portal or applications.

Do I need to enter Identification (ID) numbers for reload?
Currently, MCMC and Service Providers are still in process of identifying the best method to implement the reload with ID mechanism. Therefore, the requirement to provide ID number for reload is not yet implemented for the time being.

However, when the system is ready and in place, the users must provide partial ID number to reload the mobile phone’s credit via the platform which will be determined later.

This procedure is aimed to curb the practice of anonymous persons misusing SIM cards through the usage of false ID.

Where and when must I register?
To register, the users are required to visit their service providers’ service center, authorized agent or dealers with their original identification documents for verification. 

Registration is required prior to the activation and usage of the services.

Registration is done immediately when you purchase the SIM cards at various Services Providers and its Dealers outlet.

Can other people perform the registration on my behalf?
No one is allowed to perform registration on behalf of the users. Users need to be personally present for registration.
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